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Soprano is a growth-oriented training company, whose parent company Soprano Plc’s share is listed on the stock exchange maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. The stock symbol is SOPRA.

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Soprano Plc is a growth-oriented training company. We invest in companies that provide training services online. We believe that with the help of digital education services, the international reputation of Finnish education and the special expertise of the Group, we will be able to accelerate the growth of education companies and create significant added value.

Listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange, the Soprano share offers the investor a liquid, transparent opportunity to invest in emerging Nordic education businesses and to withdraw from the investment if so desired. For the seller of the investment, the stock exchange listing offers a motivating opportunity to benefit from growth.

On these investor pages you will find the most important information about the company and the latest investor news.

Disclaimer: Soprano Plc publishes stock exchange releases only in Finnish. The English investor website and all related content are translated from Finnish. In case of any discrepancies between the Finnish text and the English translation, the Finnish text shall prevail.


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